rest in fucking pieces


No matter how much I eat, there’s always room for dessert.

Dessert doesn’t go to the stomach.

Dessert goes to the heart.

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How to get followers: Just tag all your posts as nsfw. Every single one. They might not get 1000 notes but at least your friends milfloversanus and scoots-mcbuttholes will be there to support you from that point forward.


*more & more ppl posting about aai2 bc of the patch* *me rubbing my hands together  like a shitty little fly*


sakura oogami in sailor moon




"sad cloud theme" by hentaist it was inspired by flat layout designs but it’s definitely not as fancy as them lmao. you can customize this theme to your liking (and since some people were saying they missed my old theme style) it also incorporates things like my old theme style and new, so it can work both ways my friends.

  • 250, 400, 500px post sizes
  • 2 different shadow styles
  • sidebar image and 3 custom links
  • optional show tags, captions and rounded posts
  • optional background image
  • lots of custom colors
  • and it comes with a search bar
  • pagination only

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nuiharime inquired:
ground, poison and fighting.

  • Ground:Are you the type of person stands by their convictions and doesn’t let anyone tell them what to think or say?

In a way, yes. I mean, I completely hate it when I feel “censored” or when people try to silence me when I am sure I am right. I think what I want, I have my own moral code, even if I try to learn about other people and how they feel, moral codes should be adaptable too, we are always learning about the world, so it’s only logical.

  • Poison:Admit to one of your guilty pleasures.

I eat to much chocolate and I write too much smut. Are those guilty pleasures?

  • Fighting:Do you rely more on your physical strength or mental strength?

Mental, of course. I am not physically strong, or at least not usually. My physical strenght is linked to my mental strenght in a way. If I lose myself, if I cannot control myself anymore, you can be sure that I will destroy whatever  makes me mad. It doesn’t happen often, but when it happens… ugh. I am mentally strong, stronger than a lot of people may think. That means that no matter how much I have suffered, no matter how much it hurts, I will get better, I will endure it, I know I will. I have endured a lot of pain and I know I can take it. You start getting stronger when you are truly hurt.


✧ It’s 1st August and guess whose birthday is today!! Happy Birthday Reiner!!

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Idate trying to impress Tatsumiya and failing horribly




Seto Ayumi modeling for Harajukujoshi

She is so cute *3*

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"how have you been racing all these years???"

i want everyone to find out kinjou actually can’t see fucking shit without his glasses. 

Asks based on the Pokemon types!
Normal: What is one quality you like most about yourself?
Fighting: Do you rely more on your physical strength or mental strength?
Flying: Where is the one place you want to travel to the most?
Poison: Admit to one of your guilty pleasures.
Ground: Are you the type of person stands by their convictions and doesn't let anyone tell them what to think or say?
Rock: Would your friends say that you're very reliable and someone they can trust to hold them up?
Bug: List three things that get under your skin and made you cringe.
Ghost: Do you believe in the afterlife? If so, describe your concept of it.
Steel: How do you normally protect yourself both literally and figuratively?
Fire: Something that makes you angry almost instantly.
Water: What do you think is at the bottom of the ocean?
Grass: Your favorite flower, tree, or any type of vegetation and why.
Electric: Are you someone who shines more brightly when they're with others or when they're alone?
Psychic: The first thing you would do if you had telekinesis.
Ice: Do you tend to give people the cold shoulder when things aren't going your way?
Dark: Your biggest fear or the worst nightmare you've ever had.
Fairy: What is the one thing you wish for the most in the world?